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Mergers and Acquisitions   |   Business Transformations   |   Restructuring and Turnaround   |   New Technology

It's About You ... not us!

KR Global Consulting

Are there changes in your business that require something new or different?

Define Your Future State

Does your organizational DNA need new capabilities and competencies?

Build Change Agile Leaders and Teams

Is your team feeling held back by organizational challenges or


Optimize Team Performance

Would you like to see faster results, better outcomes, and

positive ROI?


About Us

We work with leading Fortune 1000 companies at the cutting edge of higher education, health care, and technology, as well as utilities, financial services, state municipalities, and non-profit. We partner with businesses to enable growth where employees are energized through engagement and where leaders are empowered to lead with increased maturity.


As strategic partners, we operationalize your strategic initiatives and build sustainable change leadership capabilities that maximize your internal ROI.


We are people-focused and elevate the human-side of business solutions.  We specialize in organizational change, business readiness, user adoption, employee engagement, leadership development, learning design, and talent planning.


We believe co-investment in human capital yields a significantly greater ROI for organizations undergoing significant change, when done correctly.


We are experts in design-doing – the art of getting things done by inspiring people.


We love what we do … and it shows!

Mergers and Acquisitions   |   Business Transformations   |   Restructuring and Turnaround   |   New Technology

We are a boutique consultancy that partners with organizations undergoing significant change.

We operationalize our clients’ strategic initiatives and build sustainable change leadership capabilities that maximize their people-ROI.

KR Global Consulting, Inc.


  Founder + Consultant

  Organizational Performance & Change Management


For 24 years Karen has worked at the intersection of strategy, operations, talent, and technology as a change agent leading complex organizational initiative for large companies undergoing significant change.   As a veteran of transformation and change, Karen thrives on the architecting and orchestration of complex, large-scale transformational change and operationalizing strategic initiatives.  Her clients value her political acumen and holistic, integrative approach to leading complex change and navigating across organizational silos.

"I am passionate about impacting the lives of others in a positive and productive way.  My interest in transformation and how individuals, groups and communities evolve in their personal or business environments has been a lifelong pursuit.  I enjoy understanding the complexities and nuances of what makes a company unique -- how people behave and operate in a given business environment and what inspires them to do what they do and what ignites their desire to learn or change.  More importantly, I love being a part of the subtle unfolding of a client’s journey of learning and leaning into the unknown as they work together to create a new future state – knowing that my involvement has influence and impact.  Their ability to share success stories that create vivid pictures of their personal experiences that inspires others and propels them even faster along their journey towards their future.   And, there is no greater sense of purpose and accomplishment than knowing our client’s successes was positively influenced by our partnership and engagement."  -Karen Ribback

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